How can we help you?

We Design.

Our team will guide you through the process of bringing your product to life. We will help you build a roadmap that is simple, actionable and within your budget.

We Build Things.

We create software for IoT, Cloud, Mobile and Wearables. We will guide you through the process for a seamless experience. We know the questions to ask to uncover things you haven't thought of to ensure you meet your dates and stay within your budget.

We Problem Solve.

Is your project not going like you planned? Do you need to speed things up, have fewer bugs or come up with a better process? Let us help you! We have decades of experience and will help you take your product into the future.



Wearables? Sensors? Internet of Things? We help you connect them to the cloud, mobile apps and collaborate with your manufacturing partner.

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Mobile Development

Mobile is the future. We can build and integrate applications on the iOS and Android platforms and develop a mobile strategy for you.

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Cloud Solutions

Develop cloud solutions for your products and services. Migrate your data, applications, platforms and infrastructure to cloud-based services.

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Did we mention we are fast?

Need something quick? EMITTI can make it happen.