Cloud Development

  • It's all in the cloud.

We will help you develop a cloud computing roadmap

so you can leverage this emerging technology and start reaping the economic and business benefits.

Rethinking the Cloud

The cloud takes out the heavy up front capital investment, minimizes operational expenses, and provides faster time to market. It also provides the ability to dynamically scale up or down based on usage. However, building new applications on the cloud requires a certain skill set and expertise as well as new thinking about application architecture and scaling.

Our cloud development practice leverages knowledge gained from successfully developed cloud applications and deep expertise with major cloud technologies such as Amazon and Google. We have built several complex customer cloud applications which has enabled those organizations to fully adopt the cloud and break away for traditional forms of application development.

Our professional services for the cloud include:

  • Cloud strategy and planning
  • Cloud migration
  • Cloud application development
  • Testing
  • Project Management

Did we mention we are scalable?

Taking your products & services to a global market is a piece of cake with the right cloud solution.