Our Team

Sten Adam Nyberg

Adam is the go-to guy for creating value out of your IT solutions. As a former CIO, CTO and Director of Products he easily integrates business with technology. With over a decade’s experience of leading IT development around the world, Adam also serves as a technical cornerstone of the team and remains involved with application development at the architecture level. Besides mentoring and guiding the developers, Adam also focuses on supporting strategic growth objectives and shifts in technology trends.

Erik Gutsjö

As the company's Technical Connoisseur, Erik is always looking for ways to expand his skills and how best to use them. With a large portfolio of IT skills Erik guides the team through the latest frameworks and best practices. Prior to EMITTI, Erik worked as a developer at TuneWiki, a mobile app music company. He also spent several years deploying large scale enterprise solutions for the Advertising and Media Industries. Apart from his degree in Computer Science, Erik also has a big bag of graduate level courses in networking and distributed systems.

Elizabeth Nyberg

Always comfortable at the intersection of business and technology, Elizabeth understands the challenges that typically exist for IT projects, and she has enormous experience guiding stakeholders around these obstacles. Her experience working with several startups helping them refine and get a viable product to market, means that she brings significant value to our clients and ensures that the apps we build are geared for success from the outset.


Skyler Hannebaum

Software Engineer. Guitar Player. Photography Genius. Oh yeah - Code Ninja.

Andy Ganczak

Andy has over 15 years experience as a software engineer and mobile developer, with specialties in both the embedded and mobile space. He has several years under his belt working on Air Force technology with sensors, radar, avionics, and is knowledgeable about the compliance life cycle.

Christofer Lundholm

Design is the first proof of human intent. Christofer is our creative professional, a student of life with over a decade of experience from the design world. With skills picked up from print advertising, UX/UI and product design, you can feel comfortable that nothing will leave this office without being meticulously tested, twisted and rejected twice over by his unwavering gaze.


Matt Pacura

With a passion for making products awesome, Matt brings experience in the mobile space rarely found in the Dayton area. Possessing an unparalleled ability to spot what's on trend before anyone else knows, he brings tremendous value to any project. He knows what works and what won't - and why. He also enjoys keeping an eye on what your competitors are doing.


We are always looking for skilled people to join our team! Send us your resume if you are interested in being part of a really cool company.