Our Approach

  • Agile, Waterfall, Kanban

Software is complex

but it doesn't need to be

EMITTI knows when you start a new project just how overwhelming it can be. When we partner on a project with you, we will work in the manner which is most conducive for your work culture.

Whether you are an Agile shop, a Waterfall company, a follower of Kanban or are thinking to yourself right now, "I'm not sure what any of that means." we will make sure to communicate effectively and within your time frame.

We understand the software development process from inception to launch - be it a new product, feature or "moving your business to the cloud". Questions? Just ask.

Our team consists of PMPĀ® certified project manager and Agile coaches. Let us work together to find the best approach for your specific situation and need.

Did we mention we are fast?

EMITTI is flexible and can design and build solutions effectively and quickly.