EMITTI is an information technology and engineering company based in Dayton, Ohio that specializes in cloud, mobile and wearable technology. Our company has a strong history of commercializing products coming out of AFRL, partnering with Wright Brothers Institute and other industry-leading companies to help bring cutting edge technology into the private sector. 

EMITTI is a key technology provider to CoreSyte, a wearable sensor providing non-invasive and real-time insight into human performance. This sensor can be worn as a band-aid or integrated into wearable sensing apparel which can be used to monitor key hydration and performance biomarkers. EMITTI provided strategy, engineering and software development for the product, including a mobile and cloud solution for end users.

S.A. Wyze is yet another company utilizing AFRL technology to support world-wide humanitarian needs. With over 65 million refugees and countless disasters, S.A. Wyze seeks to improve the quality of life of those who are forced into those situations. Through proactive alerting and early warning features, medical and aid professionals have enhanced ability to save lives, decrease suffering, and reduce runaway costs for the field ops above. EMITTI holds a seat on the board providing strategy and direction as well provides firmware and software development for the sensors, mobile and pieces of the platform.

We also provide strategy, management and development services to GlobalFlyte which is one of Dayton’s “Four Startups to Watch in 2017.”  The GlobalFlyte system is a collaboration software tool for teams responding to emergency and crisis incidents.

DUNS Number: 031281262


518210: Data Processing, Hosting, & Related Services

541330: Engineering Services

541430: Graphic Design Services

541511: Custom Computer Programming Services

541512: Computer Systems Design Services

541519: Other Computer Related Services

541611: Management, Administration, and Technology Consulting

541618: Other Management Consulting Services

541690: Other Scientific & Technology Consulting Services

541712: Research and Development Physical, Engineering, Life Sciences (except Biotechnology)