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EMITTI in the news!

Check out this exert from an article we wrote for Technology First.

By 2020, the Internet of Things will reach 26 Billion connected devices.  This has the potential to change the landscape of technology drastically – whether it be data management, security, services, how devices communicate, etc. Our everyday lives are also about to change. We are already seeing mobile devices foray into the Internet of Things (IoT) pool. The wearable piece of the IoT is already starting to explode and EMITTI is right there in the mix providing software development for these products. There is a breadth of wearable products available today providing you all sorts of information from how many steps you take per day, how your posture stacks up, if you are late to your next meeting to alternative driving directions when you hit a traffic jam.  But it’s about to get a lot better – and a lot more integrated with our daily lives. Imagine wearing a tiny device which monitors and notifies you when glucose levels are out of balance? Google has now designed a contact lens which measures glucose levels and lets the wearer know when something is up. Ask any diabetic and I’m confident they will tell you how much more convenient a contact lens is over checking their blood levels. No more carting around the strips, the lancing device and the log book. No hassle. Just knowledge. Making the transition from tracking specific indicators in blood to tracking it in less invasive ways is well underway. The days of going to a hospital, drawing blood, and shipping it off to a lab for analysis are coming to an end. The Dayton region, which is well known for leading in innovation, is already close to providing an alternative method. An exciting new product with roots here in the region will be coming to market in the coming months.  The company, CoreSyte, is on the forefront of wearable sensor technology.  Rudy Fenner, the Vice President of Business Development for CoreSyte, believes Coresyte is poised to radically change how we workout. He states, “Our goal is to help you ‘Know More so you can ‘Do Better.

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